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Through the Looking Glass .... Pendant Medallion    



The Cherub Cupid has a reputation
for inflicting love when love is lease expected.
Cupid is a sneaky little fellow and
I guess I like that!

I liked the idea of carving Cupid coming
through a surface (like a looking glass
or pool of water) so that
the sculpture that you can see implies
what is on the other side
of the plane that you can't see.



  • The sculpture is about 68 mm long
    (just under 2 3/4") including the bail.
    Not including the bail it is
    about 55 mm long

  • The medallion is 36 mm wide (about 1 1/3")

  • 13.7 mm is the deepest place with the
    raised frame about 4 mm deep




Pictured Medallion:

  • Shown in 14 K yellow gold

  • It is available in 14 & 18 K yellow or White Gold

  • Neck ware, chains, cord, etc. are purchased separately
    (see related products list at this item's PURCHASE page)






Cupid is available in 14 K or 18 K
white or yellow Gold

The following prices for the pictured pendant are for reference.

Neckwear & metal options are chosen & purchased separately
on the


As Pictured:

Cupid ....... Through the Looking Glass  
14 K Yellow Gold